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London in 37 minutes...

Highspeed 1Ashford now benefits from a super fast rail service connecting London St Pancras to Ashford in just 37 minutes.

With two trains every hour, all day, every day, Ashford is one of the best connected towns in the UK, and Best Placed in Britain for work, living and leisure.

Run by Southeastern using 140mph Hitachi trains (manufacturers of the world famous Japanese ‘bullet trains’), the high speed service slashes journey times from Ashford to the capital from 88 minutes to just 37 minutes.

Following a limited preview of the services, high speed trains now run every half-hour between Ashford and London from around 5am until after 11pm every day, with the last fast train leaving London for Ashford at 00.12am (23.42pm Sundays).

Highspeed 1

The High Speed services makes a huge difference to Ashford's growing commuter population, giving them two hours of their life back every day. The town is already seeing a rise in the number of North and South Londoners and new businesses moving to the area, who wish to capitalise on Ashford's excellent property prices and super-fast journey times to London and Europe.

High Speed offers people the chance to enjoy the buzz of London’s nightlife and attractions day and night, without the headache of city living or lenghty travel times.

High speed rail is one of the most important economic boosts to come to Ashford, as having a fast, reliable rail service to the capital is a major attraction for outside businesses as well as resident commuters, and Ashford’s competitive property prices and exciting regeneration plans will only sweeten the deal for potential new investors.

The full timetable and futher details are available at the Southeastern website.

For more information on transport and travel options in Ashford CLICK HERE

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