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Locating in Ashford

EurostarAre you thinking about locating your business in Ashford? Or are you interested in some of our prime development sites?

If you’re looking to relocate or upgrade to give your public sector operation a competitive edge, Ashford represents a smart move.

Find out everything you need to know about making the move to Ashford, from getting set up in town to the local workforce and services you could benefit from.

Ashford at a Glance >>>
See the key facts about Ashford's economy

Connectivity >>>
Only 38 minutes from London, 2 hours from Paris and 57 minutes from Lille, Ashford's is an ideal business location.

Cost Competitive >>>
Do the numbers and find out how cost effective business in Ashford could be for you.

Inward investment Successes >>>
Here from companies that have already successfully located in Ashford.

Workforce Skills >>>
70,000 workers within 20 minutes of Ashford.

Education and Training >>>
A wealth of educational opportunities awaits in Ashford.

Lifestyle >>>
With unrivalled town and country living, Olympic standard sporting facilities and attractive shopping, Ashford has something for everyone.

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