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Commedia is the UK’s leading developer and provider of debit and credit card payment processing systems and services. Commidea relocated from Maidstone in Kent and believes the move to a purpose-built office in Ashford will support its planned growth for the future.

Matthew Roots, marketing manager at Commidea, said: “Commidea’s new office at Eureka Park is modern in design and reflects our position as a leading IT company operating in the card payment processing sector. In addition, close links to Europe and the fact that Ashford is one of the fastest growing towns in the South East supports Commidea’s strategy for growth.”

The company has developed a range of unique, high performance and versatile systems for virtually every working environment including high street retail, e-commerce, mail order, telesales, memberships and hotels, leisure and hospitality. Customers include some of the UK largest high street, e-commerce and mail order retailers plus many of the leading hospitality venues.

Commidea is highly regarding as one of the UK’s leading card payment processing innovators, being the first to develop a pre-approved Chip & PIN solution and amongst the first to create a hosted card payment processing solution. The company is also at the forefront of Contactless, a technology that is being trialled later in 2007.

For more information visit the Commidea website or call 0870 900 857.