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Eureka Park Private Hospital

Outline plans for a multi-million pound new medical centre Private Hospital at Eureka Business Park generating 150 jobs have been approved by Ashford Borough Council.

The 6,500 square metre, three storey centrehospital will a range of outpatient and inpatient health services across a number of specialties, focusing on elective surgery.

It will have four operating theatres and some 36 inpatient bedrooms, consulting rooms, waiting rooms and landscaped gardens.

The clinic will employ up to 150 people and provide opportunities for local volunteers. In the short term the development also will generate approximately 250 construction jobs.

Though privately funded and operated, the hospital could also provide additional diagnostics and elective surgical capacity in the area for NHS funded patients.

“This centre will help meet the needs of an expanding local population by providing additional capacity which the NHS can utilise to supplement existing medical facilities,” said Cllr John Kemp, portfolio holder for planning and development at Ashford Borough Council.

“It will also bring some of the sought-after highly skilled jobs which Ashford is looking to attract.”

Eureka Park has established itself as a popular destination for new and growing business, and the new medical centre hospital will join an already diverse range of companies at Northdownthe site.

Andrew Osborne, economic development manager, Ashford Borough Council said: “The provision of medical facilities will directly benefit residents and act as a catalyst to integrate business and residential needs by providing mixed-skilled jobs essential for the sustainable growth of Ashford.”

For more information visit www.eurekapark.co.uk .