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Take advantage of commercial property rents up to 60% lower than Central London.

As one of only four growth areas in the South East, Ashford has a range of development opportunities for businesses now and in the future.

Ashford is part of the Channel Corridor, which has attracted the highest demand for office property across Kent,  and matches this with the highest readily available supply.

Ashford currently has 16 established business parks and over 5,000 businesses including SMEs and major global occupiers such as Givaudan and Hitachi.

The redevelopment of key town centre sites offers extensive commercial, retail and leisure opportunities, as do the new business estates at Orbital Park, Eureka Business Park and future greenfield sites at Waterbrook and Sevington. 

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The Kent Property Market Report highlights the progress being made with key regeneration projects in Ashford and across the county.

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