Ashford Inward Investment Brochure

The Ashford Inward Investment Brochure provides information on key aspects which businesses will want to access if they are thinking of relocation to or expanding in Ashford.  

Download the Ashford Investment Brochure - 1.45Mb PDF

Locate in Kent BorchureLocate in Kent Ashford Brochure

The Locate in Kent Ashford Brochure provides a pocket size guide to business opportunities and sites in Ashford.

Download the Locate in Kent Ashford Brochure - 877Kb PDF


Ashford Bestplaced BrochureAshford Bestplaced Brochure

The Ashford Bestplaced Brochure addresses key issues releated to the growth agenda such as the environment, water, education and infrastructure and sets out milestones, when they will happen and when.

View the Ashford Bestplaced Brochure - 1.91 Mb PDF


Ashford Story Handout

The Ashford Story Handout provides a 2 page summary of the Ashford Bestplaced Brochure and highlights key developments when they will happen and where.

View the Ashford Story Handout - 676Kb PDF


Kent Property Market Report

The Kent Property Market Report highlights the progress being made with key regeneration projects across the county.

View the Kent Property Market Report - 2.14Mb PDF


Business Grants Flyer

For more information about business grants download the Business Grants Flyer - 192Kb PDF


For more information and brochures on Ashford view our Publications webpage.