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Community and Living

Ashford has a wide range of community facilities in and around the town. These include primary and secondary schools, health and social care facilities, community halls and buildings for the voluntary and community sector.

In Ashford town centre, existing suburbs, and new housing developments community facilities may need substantial investment to meet the needs of our growing population.

The Community Infrastructure Work Group (CIWG) is responsible for ensuring Ashford continues to have sustainable and vibrant communities with high quality and integrated cultural and community services, alongside the new schools and health provision.

It is composed of partners representing all community services: schools, health, libraries, youth and community, culture, voluntary, faith, social care and the police.


Everyone deserves to live in a safe place. Research indicates that Ashford has the best success rates in crime reduction in the country.

  • Ashford's incident rates a third below the national average.
  • Ashford works hard to ensure the community feels it can live and work in a crime-free environment. Initiatives are in place to support those most at risk.
  • The Community Safety Unit works together with other key agencies to review crime and disorder in the area, develop and implement a strategy for resolving locally identified crime and disorder issues.
  • Ashford is active in promoting and implementing Community Safety beyond crime prevention, detection and reduction. It is also about anti-social behaviour, home security, fire safety, street cleansing, fly tipping, noise problems, dog fouling, litter, vandalism, abandoned vehicles and much more.

Community Safety Unit Contacts

Anti-social Behaviour Hotline: Telephone 01233 660747

David Lloyd, Community Safety Officer: Telephone 01233 330891

Alison Curteis, Market and Community Liaison Officer: Telephone 01233 660747

or email the Community Safety Unit

For more information on crime and policing in Ashford visit Kent Police