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Environment & Energy

Wind TurbineIt's all about sustainable development.

Our homes, communities and lifestyles - what we buy and consume, the energy we use, and what we do with our waste - all have a huge impact on the environment and our ecological and carbon footprint.

This is why Ashford's Future has major plans to make green, clean and low-carbon living part of everyday life in the borough.

Central to Ashford’s ambitious growth plans is the need to provide 31,000 new homes and 28,000 jobs by 2031 in a sustainable way, ensuring that Ashford residents live within their fair share of the Earth’s resources, both now and in the future.

To keep up to date with water, energy and waste projects and plans for the future read the latest edition of our newsletter Green Times.

Projects for sustainable energy and waste provision include:

  • Commissioning a Sustainable Energy Feasibility Study identifying how new developments, such as Chilmington Green, can provide onsite renewable energy sources and work towards zero carbon buildings.
  • Improving energy efficiency in existing communities.
  • Working with Remade South East to provide waste audits and Site Waste Management Plans to Ashford construction sites.
  • Improving waste infrastructure provision for the town, making it easier to reduce landfill and increase recycling.

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For further information, please email Laurienne Tibbles, Sustainability Manager.