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SmartLink is a super fast bus service due to launch in Ashford in 2012.

The service is closely modeled on a tram-system, in that it provides fast, regular journeys across town using its own roads and priority lanes, without the disruption and expense of implementing a full tram network.

With journeys every 8-10 minutes, smartcard techonology and off-bus ticketing for faster boarding, users will be able to simply 'turn up and go'.



SmartLink will connect Ashford's existing and lanned new residential communites at Chilmington Green and Cheesmans Green, the main employment areas of Cobbs Wood, Eureka Park and Orbital Park/Sevington, Ashford International Station, William Harvey Hospital, the Designer Outlet., and the town's three new Park and Ride sites.

What SmartLink will offer

  • Reliability: Services every 8-10 minutes, up to 18 hours a day, with ‘real time’ travel information at SmartLink stations and online.
  • Affordability: Three travel zones for fares, a flat rate for single fares, multi-journey tickets and smartcard technology.
  • Priority: SmartLink only roads and bus lanes, priority at traffic signals and limited stops make SmartLink the quickest public transport option in Ashford.
  • Quality: Vehicles that are clean and safe, comfortable journeys and beautifully designed ‘stations’ with hi-tech shelters ticket machines, lighting, seating and cycle storage.
  • Safety: All vehicles, Park and Ride sites and ‘stations’ will have CCTV monitoring and help points linked to the SmartLink and Park and Ride office.
  • Connectivity: Services will link up with the current bus network and the three new Park and Ride sites planned for the town, offering comprehensive access to the whole of Ashford.
  • Style: High quality landscaping, inspiring ‘stations’ and the strong SmartLink brand in all designs.

Public consultations on the plans took place in autumn 2009 and a submission for funding to the Department of Transport will be made in summer 2010.

If successful, the first phase of SmartLink could be on the road by 2012.

For full details about the service, routes and timescales, please read the full project brochure >>>