Walking and Cycling

Reducing the need to travel by car is vital to the success of the development and transport plans, but there are also considerable health benefits to a strategy that encourages walking and cycling.

The aim is to provide a high quality network of routes that encourage use particularly for journeys to the town centre, to work, to school and college, to the stations and for a healthy outdoor leisure activity.


Good progress has been made towards providing a comprehensive network of cycle routes in Ashford in recent years. As the town grows there is the opportunity to create better and more attractive cycle routes, with greater access to green spaces and the countryside.

With many new housing and businesses developments within about 2 miles of the town centre, this is an ideal time to promote cycling as a genuine travel choice.


Reducing the need to travel by car is key to ensure the sustainable growth of Ashford. Alternative means of travel such as walking offer a pleasant recreational activity and considerable health benefits.

Ashford plans to:

  • Encourage walking and use of local facilities for residential schemes in the town centre.
  • Ensure new developments have well connected walking routes to local facilities.
  • Further introduction of  ‘safer routes to school’ and ‘walking buses’.
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