Ashford’s population is expected to double within the next 25 years. With 31,000 new homes to be built by 2031, it will offer one of the widest selections of housing in the UK.

  • House prices are 6% cheaper than the South East average and 17% lower than in London.
  • Housing demand is strong for everything from environmentally sympathetic starter homes to executive country properties.
  • Ashford is setting a standard for excellence in design and sustainability by working in partnership with developers and environmental bodies.
  • Ashford already provides a wide choice of property ownership options. a range of good quality homes affordable to people of all income levels will be developed including homes available to rent and to buy on a shared-ownership basis.
  • 10% of all new build housing will be affordable and made available for locally defined key workers.

As new developments evolve, Ashford will offer new facilities that value its heritage and ensure areas are open, safe and attractive. For more information on Housing Services go to Ashford Borough Council’s Website.